WARNING! Don’t even think about spending money on a copywriter until you read this…

"Who Else Wants a Million Dollar
Copywriter to Work Miracles On Their Conversion Rate Without Having to Pay
The Usual Outrageously High Fees?"

Discover The Little-Known Secret to Getting an
A-list Writer to Trigger a Tsunami of Leads and Sales
Into Your Business With Mouth Watering, Hypnotically Seductive Ads and Sales Letters – For a Price You Can Actually Afford…


From the desk of: Ryan Berg
Direct Response Copywriter


Dear Friend,

How would you like your next promotion to topple every other marketing campaign you’ve ever run - and pull in more leads, more sales, and more profits than you’ve ever dared to let yourself dream about?

As rewarding as all the other benefits of having your own business are… I think the biggest thrill of all is when you run an ad campaign, send an announcement to your list, or do a joint venture and get a MONSTER response that floods your business with a torrent of new customers (and your bank account with a windfall of cash).

It’s a rush that keeps you coming back again and again. It’s what every marketer is constantly trying to unlock… trying to crack the code to.  

And that’s why I think you’re going to LOVE this.



Just to be clear before we go any further: there is nothing to buy here.

But if you’ll continue reading for just a few minutes, I guarantee your brain is going to be “lighting up” with one of the biggest money producing breakthroughs you’ll have this year.

And it all has to do with the one deep, nagging question on your mind right now if you’re reading this letter…


How Can You Convert  The Hoards of Prospects
(All Those People Floating Around The Net Who Would
Love Your Product If They Just Tried It)…

Into Massive Numbers of Visitors, Leads, Sales,
And Ultimately CASH In Your Bank Account?

It’s the missing link the voice in the back of your head has been poking, prodding, and jabbing you in the skull to figure out. And now – amidst all the other traffic generating, customer service, product development, technical, and myriad of other tasks you’re forced to tackle as a business owner – you’ve finally set out to turn your marketing and web site into a conversion machine.

You’re fed up and frustrated with chunking down huge sums of money on advertising only to get a weak, measly trickle of sales that quickly dries out to a barren, moneyless desert of disappointment.

You want to see your sales soar after sending out an ad. To scoop up buckets of money day after day from the visitors landing on your site. To be able to relax a little and work fewer hours knowing your promotions will be siphoning a steady stream of cash into your bank account like clockwork.

You’re ready for the words in your ads and on your web site to draw people in like a high powered tractor beam and honestly, sincerely convince them that NOT whipping out their wallets and snatching up your product or service would be the CRAZIEST thing they’ve ever done…


Now The Question Is, How Will You Find The Perfect
Blockbusting, Mouth Watering, SALES Inducing Words to
Create These Kinds of Results In Your Business?

If you’ve spent much time searching for a copywriter, you’ve probably found lots of copywriters that fall into one of two categories:

The first category of copywriters are the well known, highly skilled writers with long track records of success, an impressive list of clients, and fantastic writing samples. Just the thought of getting one of these A-list writers to “work their magic” on your business has been known to send visions of million dollar bank accounts and luxurious vacations dancing through your head!

Unfortunately, the prices charged by writers in this category can be downright shocking. From as “little” as $10,000 for a standard sales letter to as much as $30,000 PLUS royalties. And even if you HAD the money to hire someone from this group, you’d probably have to wait in line for months just to get a chance.

The second category of copywriters, which are much more widely available, are “fresh out of copywriting school” rookies with a basic knowledge of marketing and persuasion, possibly a few clients under their belt, and eager to work for anyone with a few hundred bucks.

The problem with this group of writers is simple: you won’t be getting that profit exploding, non-stop sales generating machine of an ad or sales letter you’ve been dreaming about. While their intentions are good, these writers just don’t have a deep understanding of what makes people buy AND they don’t have enough experience testing ads and web sites in the real world to know the difference between the bull sh*t and what really works.


But What If There Was a Way to Get a
Million Dollar Direct Response Copywriter
To Put Your Prospects Under a Wallet Opening,
Product Buying “Spell” –

Without Having to Plunk Down Enough
Money to Buy a New Car?

It would mean the best of both worlds. A price you can actually afford. And the breakthrough-amazing results, sales, and profits to take your business to the next level (or maybe a few next levels).

And that’s what this letter is all about:

The SECRET technique to getting an A-list copywriter to come work for you without the obscene price tag. A secret that 99% of people searching for a copywriter completely overlook.

It's a remarkably simple way you can strap stratosphere busting rocket boosters to your response and conversion rates… and start making more money from your promotions than you ever have before… without having to already be rich enough to pay the crazy fees that top copywriters charge.


The Secret of The Affordable “Star On The Rise” Copywriter

What almost no one who hires a copywriter stops to think about is that ALL the big names in copywriting… Clayton Makepeace, Michel Fortin, Bob Bly, Gary Halbert, and every other “name brand” copywriter… were at one point completely unknown writers on the verge of breaking onto the A-list.

The business owners who gave these writers a chance before they “hit the big time” were able to skyrocket the growth of their companies with dynamite ad copy. And they didn’t have to pay an astronomical fee to do it.

The trick to finding your own “star on the rise” copywriter is catching a writer at a point in their career where they have a good amount of experience and a solid track record, but haven’t quite stepped up to the highest level where they start demanding top dollar fees.

By catching a copywriter who is on the verge of stepping onto the A-list, you’re able to get extremely responsive ads and web sites from them before they start charging fees beyond your budget.


The Three Critical Elements That Make Me
A Rising Star You’ll Regret Not Hiring To Write a
Home Run Promotion at an Affordable Price

Hi, my name is Ryan Berg.

And I'm about to tell you a story that will reveal how I've become a rising star copywriter, and why right now I'm the perfect writer to hire if you're looking for someone to generate eye-popping sales numbers at a price that won't break your bank account.

Here’s the story, and the three key elements that make me a “star on the rise” copywriter who will knock the ball out of the park with your next ad or sales letter (and give you the best ROI you’ll find from any copywriter)…

Critical “rising star” element #1: I’ve been writing direct response sales copy since I was 15 years old (I’m 25 now). In that time, I’ve written at least 100 sales letters and more emails, ads, scripts, and other persuasive selling pieces than I can count. All told, my ads have sold millions of dollars of products and services. So why am I not already an A-list copywriter?

Until now, I’ve never done copywriting full time. It’s always been a part time, second place to my other business ventures. Over the years I’ve worked as a joint venture broker, affiliate manager, SEO consultant, web site developer, blogger, information publisher, marketing consultant, and a few other things I probably forgot about.

But recently, I realized that of all my businesses I’ve always come back to copywriting feeling passionate and excited about creating winning ads and web sites for my clients. I’ve always enjoyed the process of writing. And frankly, it’s always been something that “clicked” and came easy for me.

So after many long walks full of careful consideration and serious thought, I’ve decided to attack my copywriting business full time. Which leads to the next key element…

Critical “rising star” element #2: In the past I’ve never done much to attract clients or promote myself. I pretty much just took projects from referrals when I wanted them. I was too busy with my other businesses to really build my copywriting business or care about getting onto the A-list and charging huge fees.

But now that I’m doing this full time, I’m aiming for the top. I don’t do anything half-assed and this won’t be any different. If I’m going to be a full time copywriter I’m going to be the BEST copywriter I can be. And that means significantly ramping up my marketing and exposure and doing everything I can to break onto that A-list where I can deliver amazing response rates in exchange for top dollar fees.

Critical “rising star” element #3: The final, and most important element to you, is that despite my transition into full time writing and efforts to ramp up my marketing – I haven’t broken into the A-list. At least not yet. That means my fees are still very reasonable. And it also means I’m going to be working harder than ever to deliver the most killer sales copy you have ever seen to improve my portfolio and track record.

As far as I see it, the real key to breaking onto the A-list is pumping out BIG winners. I’m going to be aiming for outrageously high conversion rates. Generating enormous pay days that will “WOW!” anyone who hears about them. And impressing YOU so much with incredible sales numbers that you’ll write the most glowing testimonial anyone has ever read =)


"The sales page you developed
yielded a sales conversion rate
in excess of 16%!!!

"Ryan, I wanted to thank you for your great copywriting! I just finished my latest product marketing campaign and the results were FANTASTIC! The sales page you developed yielded a sales conversion rate in excess of 16%!!! Clearly, your services were definitely a worthwhile investment."

- Michael J. Beck


"My e-book sales went from about
1-2 a week to 2-4 a day.

"I gave Ryan a try and after testing his copy for 2 weeks, I noticed that my e-book sales went from about 1-2 a week to 2-4 a day. I had posted on forums, asked for advice, read Internet marketing newsletters, but still couldn't bring my sales above 1-2 e-books a week. The new improved copy had made all the difference (I now never underestimate the power of well-written copy!) I am grateful to Ryan for giving my business a second chance."

- Milana Leshinsky


I’ll Create Sales Copy So Emotionally Persuasive,
So Logically Air Tight…

Even The Most Skeptical Prospects
Will Feel Like Kids In a Candy Store
Drooling Over Your Product When

They’re Done Reading!

Are you beginning to see how you’ve stumbled onto the bargain of a lifetime?
When you hire me to write an ad or sales letter for your business, you’re catching a copywriter with a proven 10 year, million dollar track record at the perfect time to get an outrageous deal.

Instead of paying the five figure fee that I’ll soon be charging when I’ve got some big time successes under my belt and my marketing cranked up full blast, you can unleash the sales boosting power of my words in your business for a fraction of that.  

And when you hire me at this perfect point in my writing career, you aren’t just getting my profit boosting skills and experience…


You’ll Also Get Some of The Top Copywriters
In The World Working To Give You Unheard of
Response Rates and Sales Numbers

If you’re like me, you like taking the shortest, quickest route to your goals. And I know the fastest way for me to become an A-list writer is to interact with, learn from, and get inside the heads of copywriters who are already charging huge fees and producing stellar response rates.

And that’s why, I’m going to be getting critiques and feedback from the world’s top copywriters on every piece of sales copy I write until I land on the A-list myself. Even if it means I have to cut into my profits to PAY these top copywriters to give me their input.

So, when you hire me to write your copy you’ll be getting not only my conversion boosting skills at your command… but also the skills and experience of some of the brightest minds in the sales making world.

This is just one more way you’re getting a killer deal when you hire me. Instead of paying a huge sum of money to a name brand writer, you can let me pay for their insights for you.


"My sales doubled"

"Seeing is believing and I am always amazed at what a difference a well-written sales letter can make. My sales doubled as soon as I put Ryan Berg's letter that he had written for me on my site. You could have knocked me over - the change was that dramatic. I really have to say that Ryan's copywriting is the BEST! Well worth the money - and how often can you say that? Thanks Ryan - I appreciate your talent."

- Carole Martin


"My sales have gone up over 400% to an impressive 5% conversion rate!"

Hi Ryan,

I just wanted to write you and let you know how well it's been going since you helped me with my sales letter! When I first found you online, I'd hired a copy writer for over $3000 and still ended up with a weakly performing sales letter that was only converting at about 1%. It was pretty depressing.

After my consultation with you, my sales have gone up over 400% to an impressive 5% conversion rate! I never thought I would get conversions that high. I can't thank you enough.


Rebecca Saltzburg


The Secrets To Honestly and Ethically Making
Prospects Stampede To Your Order Form
With Their Credit Cards In Hand

In 10 years as a copywriter, I’ve seen just about every sleazy sales trick in the book. Heck, I even used a lot of them myself before I realized how misleading a lot of them were (not gonna lie). And before I realized that you can make more sales, more money in the long term, and have a lot more thrilled customers without those fake, hypey techniques.

That’s why I’ve spent years digging up and testing an entire direct response copywriting arsenal of ethical, honest ways to create…

Sales letters that sell your products and services at unheard of conversion rates by honestly building the case that ordering right now is the only sane thing to do.
Autoresponder sequences that suck huge numbers of prospects into your sales funnel with each consecutive blast.
Order pages that turn looky-loo’s and price checkers into eager, excited customers.
Email ads and joint venture campaigns that send hoards of pre-sold, scorching hot prospects to your web site.
Video scripts that make even video newbies seem like seasoned vets and sell products faster than an ice cream stand on a sticky-hot July day.
Squeeze pages that build massive lists of hot, qualified prospects and convince the guy who never gives away his email address to enthusiastically hand it over.
Up-sell pages that increase profits by 50%, 70%, 150% or more in one fell swoop.


Sign Up to Receive a FREE Introductory
Report on How I Can Help You

A lot of copywriters offer free telephone consultations, free critiques, etc. I’ve done all those things in the past, too. But I realized a lot of people may not be ready to get on the phone for a consultation just yet.

That’s why I’d like to put together a customized introductory report on how I can help you grow your business as an easy first step in our relationship.

Just fill out the short questionnaire below so I can begin getting to know you better. Then, after I’ve carefully read over your answers, I’ll write up a summary letting you know how I can help you. I’ll also give you the fees I charge for the type of sales copy you’re interested in. And include some links to samples of copy I’ve written for other businesses in your niche or field.

Then, if it feels like we may be a good match we can get on the phone and discuss your needs in more detail.


Contact Me Below Now to Ensure You
Secure The Most Affordable Rate

You may not be 100% certain if you’ll hire me right now. But if you're interested in working with me, contact me today so we can explore if we’re a good fit for each other. It could be your last chance to get dynamite copy at these prices.

I will be steadily raising my fees in the months ahead, and the next big jump in prices could come tomorrow. This once in a lifetime bargain will not last forever. Put it off too long and you’ll end up having to pay the same five figure fees you’d expect from any other A-list writer.



Sign Up For Your FREE
Introductory Report

YES, I'm interested in getting Million Dollar ad copy written for my business at an affordable rate. I understand your rates are rising at a rapid pace, so please send me more information on how you can help grow my business right away.



Web site:

What kind of business are you in? What are you selling?


What kind of response are you getting from your marketing now? How much traffic? How many sales?


Who is your ideal prospect? Where are you driving traffic from? Where do you plan on getting traffic from if for a new product?


What problems would you like me to help you overcome? What is your ideal outcome from working with me? Why are those outcomes important?


"The holy grail for a busy entrepreneur."

"I've got to tell you...it's easy to be hesitant when hiring a copywriter. There are so many to choose from and unfortunately, very few who actually hit the mark and understand their customer's needs.

Ryan Berg not only "gets it" but he goes the extra mile to make sure his words sound genuinely "YOU"! Amazing. I couldn't recommend him any higher to those of you who are looking for killer copy, professionalism, and reliability. To me, that's the holy grail for a busy entrepreneur.

Take your sales to the next level with a guy that truly takes your business goals to heart and then makes them happen with the magic of his words that can hook even the most inattentive reader!"

- Jeff Cavaliere


P.S. If you prefer, you can contact me by email at ryan (at) highresponsecopy.com Or, you can call me at 208-629-7974. There is no guarantee how long my current prices will last, so contact me immediately to secure the most affordable rate.

P.P.S. If the button below says I'm online, why not chat with me now? Each minute you put off getting killer, order sucking copy working in your business is another minute you're letting huge wads of cash fly out the window.

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